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How are you? My name's Gabriel

I'm graduated in Information Systems at USP

I work primarily as Web Developer


Guarulhos, São Paulo

+55 (11) 94594-7110



Skills & Area of Expertise



MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle DB

CSS Pre-Compilers (SASS)


Front End Design

Web Frameworks

JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX


Android Development


JUnit Testing

Agile Development




My Work Experiences


Front/Back-end C# Developer Publicis Brasil, (2016)

I joined Publicis without any C# knowledge, and working in various projects developed together with a competent team, I was able to learn in practice how large-scale projects are built using C# MVC, DDD N-Layer pattern, Entity Framework, among other technologies.


Front/Back-end Web Developer Dynamic Leap, (2015)

Developed their WordPress web-site. While in there I was able to develop my skills in PHP and MySQL, as well as WordPress templating development.


Freelance Front/Back-end Web Developer Grarro, (2014)

Designed a site with an admin system from the scratch that made me use various different programming languages and libraries, achieving a well-built custom-made system specifically for the client’s needs.


Front-end Web Developer Nuvem Educativa, (2013-2014)

Developed a responsive front-end design using Foundation library, achieving a well-maintainable and flexible structure for later additions.

Worked with TortoiseSVN as a version control, what led me to a better understanding on how group work is managed in industry.


Web Developer Paramitas Institute, (2011-2014)

NGO on the education branch that uses modern technologies, searching for innovative social and educational ideas. The institute believes in the digital emancipating that goes beyond technology accessibility, critical appropriation, active participation, collaborative authoring and interdependence in the educational process, with the digital media help.

My works

  • Ofertas Chevrolet

    Ofertas Chevrolet Web Developer

  • Preço Chevrolet

    Preço Chevrolet Web Developer

  • Black Friday GM

    Black Friday GM Web Developer

  • Dorflex

    Dorflex Music Experiment Web Developer

  • Dynamic Leap

    Dynamic Leap Web Developer

  • Grarro

    Grarro Web Developer

  • Kamodor

    TCC Assignement Web Developer

  • Aulas Animadas

    Aulas AnimadasFront-End Web Developer

  • Instituto Paramitas

    Paramitas InstituteWeb Developer

  • Engrenar

    EngrenarWeb Developer

  • Aprendizagem Colaborativa

    Aprend. Colaborativa Web Developer

  • MyDocumenta

    My DocumentaFront-End Web Developer

  • Seguro e Criativo

    Seguro e Criativo Front-End Web Developer



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My location

Guarulhos - São Paulo

More information about my profile can be found in my Resume.